Harvey’s a prolific artist. He might only have been creating and sharing art online since early 2020, but his artwork is seemingly everywhere. Collectors love it. Holders love it. People love it.

This 21-year-old Scottish mixed media artist obsessively creates art. He speaks of his inspiration and motivation that springs from his deep emotions and connection with art. His father is an artist and has encouraged Harvey’s interest since he was a wee lad. But he only began taking his sketches and drawings seriously when he was stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Harvey shares: “I’m an artist. It is my job. I’m lucky to call it a job. I get to wake up each day and think of art-based things to do, what to create, and how to create them. I love what I do each day.” And that shows in his artwork. Whether it be for BLOCKS, Twitter community, NFT drops, prints or merch.

“I minted my first NFT in August 2020. It has been a lesson in community building. I learned that 1-of-1 artists like myself need communities around them – and not just PFP collections. Not only is meeting, connecting and engaging with other artists important, but building a community of collectors, holders, and friends is critical to being successful in the NFT space.

“The good about web3 is that everyone can win at the same time – and that is special. All these artists can support each other, and we don’t need crazy gallery commissions to start and keep going and be supported by collectors.” Harvey shares tips for artists looking to join the web3 community: “Create art that you want to create. When I have tried to – even subconsciously – make art that I think will sell better, it never goes that way. I’ve learned that being consistent in sharing and engaging with your community is essential. It is also incredibly important to create the art that inspires you to keep on creating – because that is what collectors and people will connect with.” Keep drawing blocks, Harvey. The world loves them.