“I found my place in web3. As a physical artist, web3 is the merging of the traditional art world with the digital world, and it is pushing the art world forward. It is amazing to be part of it, see it evolve, and most importantly, see that art still matters.”

Kreepshow is a 26-year-old Los Angeles multi-disciplinary creative. She had a lifetime’s experience before she even turned 20, and it influenced her art profoundly. Kreepshow is a queer artist with a strong background in performance art, and her motto is that her art is for “your theatrical pleasure.”

She holds a degree in theatre acting, but her passion has been painting. From physical artworks to digital platforms, Kreepshow’s digital art is deeply moving. Surreal, dreamy scapes define her digital art. “I like to emulate my traditional painting style within my digital work by using oil paint brushes. They give a softer, brush-like style that helps achieve my dreamy landscapes and characters.”

Kreepshow’s a bona fide creative: poetry, photography, performance art, acting, painting, and digital art. She’s always trying new mediums and art forms and is exploring photography. At the age of 19, she published a book of her poetry – and wants to do another one for web3. In web3, her artistic dreams can come alive.

“Digital art has been a very therapeutic experience for me,” shares Kreepshow. “Communities play a central role in this space. The NFT communities are a lot more different than the IRL ones. The decentralized aspect of web3 is really great because you have that self-providence and having that control over your art – and your life – feels nice. This feels more organic. We’re all in this space learning together, and the underlying feeling is that there is no single ‘right way.’

“I’m glad to live in this time and this digital world. That’s why I create and paint worlds that I want to be in and create these fantastical stories and characters that feel just slightly out of reality, like an altered reality. It’s cool to have a community I can go to, and they can indulge in these crazy stories I come up with.”