“It makes sense to me, just directly supporting a human being.”

Funghibull, an NFT collector and fanatic, dove head-first into the NFT space and hasn’t looked back. Before immersing himself in web3, he was involved in tech. “I come from a marketing and consulting background in tech, before eventually getting involved in crypto and NFTs in particular,” he shares.

“I just started cramming all of my day job work into 3 out of my 8 hours a day,” he explains about his onboarding and learning about the space. “And then the other 5 hours I would be on Twitter essentially, reading, watching YouTube videos, and listening to Clubhouses.”

Funghibull found the space exciting and addictive. “I felt like I was never figuring it out. I was constantly finding more questions and learning about new technologies and ways of thinking. I kept returning for more and just wanted to dive in deeper.”

He saw a Tweet about someone wanting to start a consulting and marketing company in the NFT and web3 space. It got the better of his curiosity… That one Tweet led to the birth of SHILLR. As co-founder and strategy lead of SHILLR, he wants to contribute positively to the space and be a leading light for artists and creators.

To effectively create a web3 marketing, consulting, and community strategy, SHILLR adopts a collaborative and organic method. To increase public knowledge of an artist’s project or brand and encourage community participation, their team will run extensive social media and marketing campaigns, optimize go-to-market strategy, and ensure both communications and brand identity are clear and effective. Their elaborate growth processes ensure that the initiatives, artists, and platforms with which they work have surpassed their standards for producing a top-tier product or brand that attracts and fosters an engaged community. Aside from client work, SHILLR seeks to support artists whenever possible – with free mobile art exhibitions at NFT NYC and Art Basel Miami and weekly ‘Office Hours’ that offer creators and solo builders free consulting. They have also just launched a new podcast and a comprehensive mix of weekly Twitter Space series highlighting artists, builders, emerging tech, and leaders in web3.

Besides being an integral part of SHILLR, Funghibull is also a collector at heart, and the bulk of his art collecting started in 2022. When collecting, Funghibull says he mostly ‘freestyles’ it and goes off ‘vibes and auras.’ “My brain is pretty great at trend-spotting and reading people,” says Funghibull. “It makes sense to me, just directly supporting a human being.”