“My art is a reflection of my heart. I create with purpose, and I feel that in order to understand me and my art, you need to understand why I create. You must dig into each piece’s ‘why’ and ‘what.’”

Toni Payne is one of the most popular still-life photographers and one-of-one artists in the NFT space. She’s a visual artist and poet who describes herself as a Spiritual person who is also passionate about storytelling. “I’m a storyteller by nature, which is why I am an artist. I also do poetry and try to infuse some of my lore into my visual art. Storytelling is one of the reasons I enjoy still life art. A lot of my art is centered around love, life, and spirituality. The world needs to be more in tune with these things. My art encompasses and shares that message – and these stories define me as an artist.”

Details are in the eye of the beholders. Her art is beautiful and inspires viewers’ curiosity. Beyond that external glance lie deep insights into her art, her motivation, and the intricate stories behind them.

Besides the work she does outside the space, the NFT space has also contributed heavily to enabling and empowering her vision. One of them is to spread the message of love and inclusivity. She hopes that with her voice and her art, she can help foster a more inclusive and diverse NFT (and web3 in general) space. “If you want to promote diversity and inclusivity, just be more intentional,” shares Toni. “If you are sincere about fixing a problem, be intentional about it. Be intentional about connecting with people, and don’t look down on them. If you change your approach and are more intentional, you’ll step out of your box and find diversity. Reach out to them and grow your circle.”

Love for all. Building a solid community in the NFT space is essential for a founder or artist’s success and the overall growth of the space. According to Toni, networking is the best way to build communities in this space. She believes that being helpful goes a long way, too. “Be helpful to each other. By this, I mean form symbiotic relationships, not parasitic ones. If you are helpful to me, and I’m helpful to you, then we can both grow and lift each other up.”

That’s spreading love. That’s Toni Payne’s vision. We wish for more of this vibe to flow throughout the NFT space.