Rata Yonqui is the Rat King and leader of the #RatLegion in the NFT space and blockchain. He’s kickstarted a revolution with the world’s first cultural currency.

“I come from the Pirate Republic of Colombia, and I bet that influences my creations a lot.”

His collection on OpenSea – The Degenaissance – is a playful arena for degens to congregate. It is described as follows: Our culture is changing; we can all feel it. Now is the time to lead that change. Today. The Degenaissance was designed to lead the arts and entertainment into the future.”

The community loves adventure and humor, and is united by art that pushes the boundaries.

Asking Rata what he loves most about the NFT space, he says it is the connections with collectors and the community. “Also, the explosion of creativity, sense of humor, and unapologetic collectionism.”

He adds: “I’m very connected to my collectors and feel a huge responsibility to each one of my series, to keep them growing and keep them relevant. I can finally be myself and spread my artwork all over the world. I have finally found an audience, creators and friends who value my work and understand the digital medium.”

His art is properly degen: pixelated, 1980s TV game-esque. And that makes it so intriguing, fun, and memorable. Having said that, below the surface lies true creativity and complexity. His scenes are inspired by Francisco de Goya and other master painters.

He only dove into the NFT space in September 2021, when a friend sent him 2 Tezos for his birthday. “5 minutes after my first mint, 40 editions of my genesis collection were sold, and since then, my life has changed dramatically.”

He’s learned the power of community and kindness. For him, that’s key to being an NFT artist. His art has blown up in popularity on the blockchain, and he rules over hundreds and hundreds of people in the #RatLegion. He offers wise advice for other artists looking to get into the NFT space: “Believe in yourself; believe in your art; believe in NFTs!”