Isaac Udogwu


“I took that moment and opportunity to change my life.”

“I got into web3 on a whim. I left my construction job during the pandemic to pursue a career as a freelance graphic designer – and that step changed my life.”

Isaac Udogwu (a.k.a. @eyesackudawgoo on Twitter) is a digital artist from Columbia, South Carolina, and of Nigerian descent. His artwork speaks loudly of the different modes of black liberation, giving a voice to many black southern American cultures.

He’s a storyteller, using his 3d artworks to highlight black southern American culture and African spirituality. Isaac was always an artist: he graduated from college with a degree in graphic design and jumped into animation after that. Life took him down a different path as a construction worker, but he continued his passion after hours. What re-ignited his desire to become a full-time storyteller was a Clubhouse session: 3Lau shared his story of how NFTs changed his life and the opportunities offered by web3.

“I took that moment and opportunity to change my life,” Isaac shares. “My artistic growth has been tremendous. In fact, I’ve grown in so many ways, not just artistically or financially. Web3 is empowering. You can do it all by learning the technologies, tools, contracts, and social media. That’s what I love the most about web3. We can advocate for ourselves and take charge of our futures.”

His artwork takes influences from African spirituality, science fiction, black southern American culture, Japanese influences, and fantasy. “Growing up, we’re universally taught western histories and mythologies. African cultures lack that storytelling to the youth and pass down those powerful mythologies. My artwork digs into those and shows the parallels that exist across all mythologies. They’re human stories. There’s a collective consciousness that shows up in storytelling. That’s what my artwork highlights and portrays.”

Promoting inclusivity is Isaac’s mission in web3. He explains: “Listen to people; break from your norm; break away from the comfortable positions you are in and look at things that you’re unfamiliar with to learn from it. We must strip away the differences and layers we’ve been taught to look at the world differently. That’s how we will build a strong community and better world.”

For Isaac, community is vitally important. He believes it is an essential aspect of life. “We really need to build community and ourselves, and we need community; we’re social creatures.” His collectors have become friends, peers, and colleagues. The power of web3 is boundless.

Isaac Udogwu