Jordan Inglee

Studies of Nature

Based in Portland, Oregon, Jordan Inglee’s backyard is the Pacific Northwest. “Being surrounded by inspiring landscapes has driven me to connect more with the natural world and shaped my style of wilderness photography.”

He joined the NFT space in January 2021 after a good friend, who’d been involved in the crypto space for a number of years, saw that Jordan was struggling for work coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. He turned Jordan onto NFTs to sell his art: “Back then, there was very little photography in the space, but I knew NFTs were going to change the world.”

He shares: “What I love most about the NFT space is the community. Everything from the shitposting to the drama to the deep connections made in DM groups: the community is what has kept me around. I’ve built good relationships with people I thought would never talk to me in web2, many of whom are ‘heroes’ or role models in my field of art.”

Jordan creates works of art that bend the mind and touch the soul. Each NFT is a full ERC721 token, minted on a custom smart contract and stored permanently on-chain using Arweave. That reflects his photography and way of life.

Jordan Inglee