“Collecting is as much a form of self-expression as creating art is.”

The crypto bug bit Impostor while he was in university studying computer science, introduced to it by his roommate. While not immediately immersing himself in it, he did keep his eye on the space, including purchasing Bitcoin and later, Ethereum.

Prior to collecting NFTs, Impostor collected digital art of a different kind: desktop wallpapers as a sort of precursor to what operates as digital real estate.

Impostor officially started his journey as a collector in March 2021, bidding on Foundation. The first-ever NFT he acquired was a piece by @riogerz titled ‘Subconsciente.’ Almost two years later, his collection has grown enormously, featuring works by some of the most renowned artists on the blockchain.

Impostor is very intentional in his efforts as a collector. He confirms: “I obviously only collect things I like. There are not many pieces that I regret owning. Collecting is as much a form of self-expression as creating art is. My collection really is a reflection of my personal taste. Perceived future value is only a variable, and oftentimes disregarded.”

One of the most talked-about topics surrounding the NFT space is that of mass adoption. Impostor identifies several hurdles standing in its way. He explains: “At some point, there is going to be something really big that grabs everyone’s attention. I also think there will be a new social media platform that will boost NFT interaction. I think a combination of these things is needed for mass adoption.”

To Impostor, one of the greatest appeals of NFTs is contingent on the feeling of ownership and, to an extension, exclusivity. While edition culture has its perks, it can also substantially dilute the sense of ownership. Impostor muses: “There is no question that scarcity does provide value. But we need to look at every individual art piece and assess them accordingly. Editions do make art more accessible, and that does have benefits as it allows more people to get their hands on really good art.”

Although passionate about the Metaverse, Impostor doesn’t see Punk6529’s vision of a 100 million-strong open Metaverse materializing any time soon. He does, however, remain optimistic that it will manifest as soon as people realize the already existing alignment of incentives.