Butcher Billy’s artworks are some of the most instantly recognizable in the digital art world. Since launching into the NFT space in 2021, Butcher Billy’s iconic style has defined and shaped the market and communities. Post-punk pop cultural art is mainstream – with a new generation sowing the love.

This award-winning illustrator has a fast-growing following thanks to his work for Netflix, Marvel, Black Mirror, Honda, Warner, Amazon Prime, Playboy, Stranger Things, New York Times, NBA TV, Universal Music, ESPN, and many others.

His most extensive NFT collection, Metaverse Players (aka MVP), is a strategic battle against forces within a secret society. A new generation of Players is threatening the status quo, and the old guard must protect its society in a new game of cat and mouse. Created in partnership with the House of First, this collection comprises 5,000 pieces. Ownership gives you access to an exclusive community, IRL events, Metaverse experiences, special utility, merchandise, and full commercial IP rights.

Born and raised in Brazil, Billy graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná, Brazil and later moved to the United Kingdom. He is an award-winning illustrator. His art is inspired and influenced by Banksy, David Bowie, Andy Warhol, Steve Ditko, Shigeru Miyamoto and more for a unique signature style.

Watch this space!