Loïs Voirol


“We all share the same vision for the future of art, and it creates an unstoppable energy in the community. Art wins every time.”

“I don’t know what else I would be doing right now if I wasn’t doing this. I’ve been surrounded by art all my life: my dad is a painter, my grandfather a writer, and my great uncle Herminio Alvarez is a sculptor; most of my friends are artists, poets, and fashion designers. This is my world.”

Loïs Voirol is a 25-year-old Swiss-Spanish artist living in Switzerland. He grew up with a pencil in his hands, drawing or around computers and graphic design software. His passion led him to art school and the design field as an art director.

He found his current style in 2019 while working on an art project for the watch brand Omega during the final year of his studies. It has since defined his style and voice in the art world.

Inspired by his sleep paralysis episodes, Loïs says he tries to depict a place between dream and reality. In his art, nude photography gives birth to his demons in a surreal manner due to his unconditional love for surrealism. “I started painting landscapes of nude body shapes, and it all made sense.” The idea of motherhood and the connection to the earth was the basis of his concept.

Most of his inspiration comes from his own experiences alongside the work of the great masters he admires. Loïs mixes digital and traditional techniques, photo manipulation, digital collage, and more! all the way to traditional techniques, such as painting and sketching or even non-traditional ones like the use of AI to produce material and push his concepts and ideas further.

Loïs says: “I rarely use AI, but if I ever do so, I use it like a tool to enhance my vision and to allow me to be more productive by using it to create more material to use in my paintings.”

Loïs was introduced to crypto in 2017 by one of his friends, and he entered the web3 space on Foundation at the beginning of the platform when it was invite-only. In March 2021, he minted his first of many works on the blockchain.

Like most people in the NFT art space, Loïs loves the community aspect. “These connections and friendships are the most valuable part for me. It really feels like everyone genuinely believes in this story we’re writing altogether, and I do, too; this energy is very special. “We all share the same vision for the future of art, and it creates an unstoppable energy in the community. Art wins every time.”

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