“Blown away by the innovative tech, world-class contemporary art, and meeting like-minded rebels and creatives from all over the world.”

WildAlps’s spellbinding artwork catalyzes self-empowerment. She explains that her creative process focuses on connecting with universal forces to send out visual impulses of transformation to manifest world freedom.

In her personal healing process, nature has always accepted her for who she is without expectations, judgment, or trying to put her into a box. Therefore, her photographs are classic and pure as a tribute and mutual respect, showing alpine nature exactly the way she is, in all her glory.

First hearing about the blockchain in 2016, WildAlps peeked into NFTs in 2020 but fully joined the space in 2021. She spent several months meandering around, collecting art, forging friendships, and learning before minting her own art. Initially working in life sciences before becoming a full-time artist in 2020, WildAlps was blown away by the innovative tech, world-class contemporary art, and meeting like-minded rebels and creatives.

Her genesis drop was, therefore, a collaborative effort: a dreamy piece titled ‘Within the Clouds.’ She has since gone on to release astounding solo and collaborative pieces, including ‘Moods,’ a fascinating dynamic artwork of 24 different moods rotating throughout the day, a breathtaking 1/1 NFT Yearbook cover, as well as sought-after ‘Alpine Lights’ & ‘FREE DOM’ series, and the ‘50 Shades Of Glacier’ collection.

Does WildAlps feel threatened by AI? Not at all. She elaborates: “AI is just another tool, like a pencil or a camera. Neither malicious nor positive; it all depends on the usage. Art is not solely defined by technique and craft but mostly by thoughts and emotions, not features of AI but of the artists’ ability to encapsulate them in their artworks, making the pieces truly theirs. People have always tried to copy my signature style, ‘Alpine Magic Realism.’ You keep working and improving as an artist, and the copies will always remain several steps behind.”

In addition to being a revered artist, she is involved in blockchain-based initiatives. WildAlps is spreading the word about Punk6529’s Open Metaverse through her fusion art concept ‘The Art Memes,’ as well as pushing boundaries and disrupting structures with ‘WILD & FREE’ community events and collaborations, supporting the community with her team of artists and collectors.

As a self-taught artist in her favorite media, landscape photography, she aims to make a difference in the world, wild & freely contributing to positive evolvement. Some of her most notable achievements to date include impacting people’s lives through her art, but also having her works gold awarded by prestigious institutions like Master Photographers International, recognized by the Luxembourgian Museum Of Art, and featured in the ‘Ansel Adams tribute collection’ by Saatchi Art.