Sophie Sturdevant


Sophie Sturdevant knew she wanted to be an artist since she was five years old. She grew up in a family of creators: musicians, writers, and fine artists. Life got in the way of living out that childhood dream. But art saved her.

“During school and college, I fell into the need of being a good girl with a good job,” she explains. “I went to college for Business Marketing and Communications at the University of Washington. I took a few art classes to feel like myself, though. I was set on becoming a big-time editor or journalist in New York. After college, though, I found my life at crossroads.”

She survived an abusive relationship and an eating disorder and found she had lost her womanhood. “I found art again as a place of solace, safety, and resurrection of self. I took drawing classes to explore my femininity and identity again – and I found myself through art. I decided art was what I wanted for my life. We only grow from anguish.”

Today, she’s flourishing as an artist in the NFT space. Sophie describes her approach as playing with lines and layers in a style she calls SuperStacked. Her artwork and process play on a “museum and mayhem juxtaposition that tells the visual stories of womanhood, which is like my work: complicated, abstract, and emotionally overwhelming.”

She uses few lines, precise lines in layers, intentionally. It is a method of stripping away ‘the unnecessary’ so the viewer can ‘read between the lines.’

About featuring women in her art, Sophie shares that she uses minimalistic lines to represent women as strong in their vulnerability and beautiful in their femininity. It allows the viewer to perceive women as beautiful instead of objects solely for the purpose of sexual gratification.

Her journey back to art was a process of self-realization and actualization, and therapy. Her story resonated with people in different ways – men, women, and everybody in between. Her art reached people, and she connected with people in profound ways.

For that, the NFT space is all the richer with Sophie Sturdevant.

Sophie Sturdevant