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Connecting Communities

“People come from different backgrounds, genders, and races; we are based in Dubai, but we have connected individuals from all corners of the globe.”

Building a community by bridging the gap between collectors, artists, and builders in real life is at the heart of Arts DAO’s mission to represent the largest web3 community in the Middle East. Founded by three co-founders – Rahim, Danosch, and Anas – Arts DAO has become a role model for DAOs in the Metaverse and beyond.

The three founders met coincidentally, like it was fate. Rahim explains: “In August 2021, I was buying someone’s piece from this artist in Latvia who was making these beautiful car renders. I bid on it and someone outbid me. I countered to outbid them, which started a bidding war. I ended up winning this piece, and this dude messages me saying congrats on winning the piece and noticed that I live in Dubai. ‘We should meet,’ he said. So Anas, Dansoch, and I met the very next day.”

From that moment, they began meeting frequently where Anas’. And other NFT enthusiasts followed suit, thanks to the (always) welcoming NFT community. Their meetings grew from a table for 3 to a yacht for 300. Hosting parties, meet-ups, and discussions, this group attracted like-minded individuals together to network, discuss art, and enjoy a space where people understand the world of NFTs.

The next step was finding a way to monetize their shared passion. “We were like, ‘how do we build on this?’ Because it seemed at that moment that this 1% of the world’s population was doing really well with NFTs.” Fast forward to today, and Arts DAO shines the light on hundreds of artists. “We wanted Arts DAO to feel as if the NFT space is a whole different ballgame,” Rahim shares. “We are trying to make long-term investments and come up with the best-case scenario of how NFTs will progress over time.”

A pillar for the NFT community, Arts DAO builds friendships and social connections and assists brands, artists, and creators with onboarding to web3. Along with the best minds in the industry, Arts DAO also serves as a medium to collect Blue Chip NFTs on behalf of its members through fractionalized ownership in the DAO. The goalposts have shifted.

“People come from different backgrounds, genders, and races,” Rahim says. “We are based in Dubai, but we have connected individuals from all corners of the globe.”

Arts DAO