Spizak is a creative outlet for London, UK-based 3d artist and designer Adam Spizak. “I love art. I love making art. I love talking about it. I love sharing it. Art is my passion and my life’s mission.”

His adventure in computer graphics and art started when he was 16 in the middle 1990s. He first dabbled in Poland’s early Amiga demo art scene, studying and graduating with a Computer Science degree majoring in Computer Graphics and Multimedia. His journey continued towards 3d art, and ultimately as a prominent 3d NFT artist today. His passion for art lies in storytelling, with a heavy 1990s artistic influence. He is represented by H+ Creative, an artist representation firm and visual services studio focused on the future of creative media through vibrantly executed imagery. He shares: “Back when I started playing with computer pixels, it was a completely different time: there weren’t enough resources to actually ask anyone for help; you had to figure it out yourself as you went along. File sizes were 32 kilobytes and took a few moments to render. Internet was dial-up – a totally foreign concept to youngsters today. Those early days laid a solid foundation for me for today. I learned how to solve problems with technology and how problem-solving teaches you creative thinking – and that’s where innovation starts.”

At the core of that was his ability to express his creativity: there were no boundaries and limits in computer 3d designs, only imagination. Game art brings technology and creativity together.

“I have always enjoyed video games, but it took me a while to understand that game art is what I want to focus on,” Adam explains. “Game art is fascinating to me as it has the very challenging task of conveying the game’s emotional meanings without the existing context. When you play a game, you interact with it, hear it, and see it: all of these stimuli/components/facets/elements give you context, the emotional connection. Finding that perfect idea to convey all these emotions and feelings in a single image is incredibly rewarding but often emotionally exhausting. It feels exceptional like you’ve solved the most profound mystery or found only a special meaning of something you see.”

He has continuously made art for over 25 years, working with clients in the film, game, and arts industries. Clients include Disney, The Grammys, Little Nas X, Formula E, Adobe, MAXON Computer, Cannes Film Festival, Maxim Magazine, Playboy Magazine, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, and Origin Protocol.

Today, Spizak is a full-time 3d collage artist and storyteller, producing jaw-dropping artworks inspired by pop culture, games, and music. His creative talents in detailed 3d work include character design, poster illustration, and motion work.

One of his most popularly sold pieces is from a series titled Vestiges, which is focused on exploring the past and examining the ideas of loss, grief and sacrifice.

Designing 3d art isn’t as straightforward as some may think. “I think what got me into design was the idea of problem-solving, finding something challenging and then finding a way to solve it.”

That thinking is especially relevant to today’s NFT space. Adam is pushing those boundaries, mint by mint.