Paulius Uza


“I was always drawn to NFTs as the ultimate product of the blockchain because I think it encompasses so much.”

Paulius Uza doesn’t do hype. “There needs to be much more responsibility in the market. There need to be grownups in the room doing this business and taking it seriously. There’s just so much money wasted on hype projects.”

For that reason, Paulius believes in curation and a certain level of exclusivity in his projects which have been many and varied ever since he sold his first website, aged 12.

He has always been fascinated by the tech behind creative processes and loves to marry the two. “I think a lot of people don’t realize that coding is actually,” he shares. “Very artistic and very imaginative and very creative process.”

Paulius started with SuperRare under the pseudonym Upheaver back when the platform was still in private beta with the idea that NFTs would be a great way to fund some of his hardware and equipment purchases. He ended up minting some of the first 100 tokens on the platform and becoming one of the earliest NFT artists that are still active in the space.

“I was always drawn to NFTs as the ultimate product of the blockchain because I think it encompasses so much.”

Now he has a number of projects on the go, including ‘ForeverLands,’ a gamified way to collect 1/1 art through exploring the lands for rewards, with up to 75% of the proceeds invested back into purchasing one-of-one art selected by their curation team. Those artworks are put in a vault and distributed back to the players as fractionalized prizes.

“We’re testing two things here – fractionalized ownership of NFTs and connecting a game to our art ecosystem. What we can do as users is support projects which are doing stuff responsibly and have the best interest of their customers and collectors in mind.”

ForeverLands recently expanded into two more directions – Artifact, a curated web3 gallery, and Offworlds – a web3 sci-fi worldbuilding experience that is built around lore and storytelling and will be open to community contribution. All carefully curated, naturally.

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