“The negativity around AI art is at fever pitch, but students of art history have seen this numerous times; this is what happens at the beginning of most every major movement. Right now we are in the ‘deny and cope’ phase. ‘Acceptance’ is next, and there are signs we’re already moving there. It’s happening faster than I expected, but make no mistake, it will happen.”

AI art does not deserve the bad rep it is getting at the moment – in the NFT space or in mainstream traditional art conversations. It is not some outlandish evil that was created to destroy art as we know it, but many people feel threatened by it.

There are armchair art critics who spend their days bombing AI because they either think it is senseless or they simply don’t understand it. Historically, there has always been conflict between artists and the people telling them what qualifies as art and what doesn’t. But artists don’t care because their work is expressions of creativity, and it doesn’t matter to them if that comes through via paintbrush, camera lens, sculpture, or AI prompt. And in these scenarios where artist battles critic, the artists generally win in a landslide. AI art will be no different, I predict.

In time, I believe AI art will more than likely serve a mixed-media purpose. There is a lot more involved than it appears, and it has the potential to, in the near future, serve as a robust foundation for innovative creative processes. Already artists are taking AI art pieces and spending countless hours using a myriad of programs and techniques to transform it into something truly entrancing. Development is racing ahead, and we’re only just beginning to grasp its power.

AI art is not here to steal anyone’s livelihood. It is a powerful tool that is going to up the game of artists and creatives. Who knows, a decade down the line we might even hail it as one of the all-time greatest inventions in the art world. There has always been pushback against new technology and change. People call for change, but when it arrives…

Batsoupyum is a revered collector, thought leader, creator, and founder. Before web3, they were involved in the financial sector. They are impassioned about creators from historically underrepresented groups, including women and people of color. Batsoupyum plays an important part in the management of 6529 NFT Fund.