“In the end, it’s about humanity and people of all cultures, religions, and a tolerant environment.”

UAE NFT’s first Mars settlers are about to depart and are already settling into their space pods equipped with bathrooms, studies, and NFT art on the walls. Inspired by the UAE’s own vision to build a colony on the Red Planet by 2117, UAE NFT’s project will build a Metaverse with a complete ecosystem from schools to businesses. Subscribers have bought citizenship, and there was even a launch (not of a spaceship, but an IRL event). The ‘journey’ will take seven months, after which time the storyline will develop with a fully immersive web3 experience.

Taking advantage of establishing an entirely new colony, UAE NFT says: “In the end, it’s about humanity and people of all cultures, religions, and a tolerant environment.”

From the outset of its own crypto and NFT journey, UAE NFT has been interested in both the technology and the innovation – and how web3 will revolutionize the next step of the internet. It loves the global connections it has already forged: “People from around the world believe in this technology and have gotten together through art.”

The first NFT series was created around the 50th anniversary of the UAE, and brought together seven artists (the UAE is made up of seven emirates). Within two weeks of conceptualizing the project, UAE NFT had the material, the contracts, and everything else ready to mint. With more symbolism, it offered 1,971 pieces for each piece of art (1971 being the year the UAE was created). Apart from being a celebration of its homeland, the UAE NFT project was also designed to onboard more people into the space allowing anyone to mint for free.

Now, BEDU Labs is their NFT factory, providing turnkey solutions for clients interested in securing a front-row seat in the web3 world.

BEDU World incorporates the Mars 2117 project and aims to take people along with them into the new Metaverse even as it grows and shapes itself in the future. This is a brave new world into which UAE NFT has enthusiastically launched itself.