“Everything doesn’t have to be an NFT. It can be a good artwork or blockchain; there are plenty of ways to create on the blockchain. NFTs are just one of those ways.”

The world of art collecting has been ingrained into Arthemort’s DNA. Or perhaps it was a rite of passage. “I come from an art-collecting family; we have over 3,000 pieces,” he explains. From traditional to digital art, he has seen the industry evolve and innovate in more ways than one.

Thanks to NFTs, the shift in artist control and the ability to grow communities has been unprecedented in the world of arts. Art auctions used to be enjoyed by the world’s elite; now, anyone with access to the internet can join. “I think it’s important to contextualize the world we are living in and the shift of art history we are experiencing, and perhaps that’s not for everyone,” he believes.

Arthemort understands the endless possibilities of NFTs and digital art, but he’s trying to shift the narrative at the same time. “Everything doesn’t have to be an NFT,” he explains. “Digital art has existed for decades; it has a rich history. Blockchain and NFTs are just a new chapter.”

As cohesive and caring as the NFT community is, he believes that artists should explore the realm of traditional art too. “The art and practice, as well as niches, sub-niches, and different techniques, were all there before, but the medium of exchange has enabled us to reach new audiences.”

Perhaps this is the inevitable evolution of digital art that we will see in the years to come? Before that transformation, he suggests, “the biggest challenge for the crypto and the blockchain ecosystem, as well as the art world as a whole, is adoption. How do we get people interested in these sorts of things? Or do we make them understand that others have different references?”

Many believe the NFT art bubble has yet to burst, implying an exciting yet unpredictable future for digital art. With decades of experience collecting art and curating exhibits, as well as being an NFT specialist for Sotheby’s, there are few people better qualified than Arthemort for guidance in these shifting times.

Arthemort is a blockchain and art OG, Sotheby’s NFT Specialist, a cryptoart collector, curator at New French Touch and Art Crush Gallery, and lives in the art capital of the world, Paris, France.