“The community is inclusive, supportive, and respectful. It is a place where creativity and innovation thrive.”

Katalina is a rising star in the NFT art world, known for her unique style that combines elements of everyday life with a touch of fantasy. Katalina was born and raised in Bulgaria, a small country in Eastern Europe. Her artwork is heavily influenced by her country’s rich natural beauty, history, and her passion for digital art.

She first gained interest in the NFT space in 2018 when she and a group of artists from the Steemit community were invited to test a new marketplace for digital art. Since then, she has created many memorable pieces, but the one that defined her NFT journey is a collaboration with the World of Women (WoW) team, where her artwork ‘Gaea’ was distributed to more than 4,000 holders among the WoW community.

Katalina’s artistic process combines different tools and techniques, including Photoshop, CorelDraw, Clip Studio Paint, After Effects, and Realistic Paint Studio. She also sometimes incorporates AI into her works, which has improved her workflow and speed significantly.

When asked about her biggest artistic influences, Katalina cites a long list of digital artists, including Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau, Kerem Beyit, Ross Tran. She also admires web3 artists, such as Peter Mohrbacher whose surreal fantasy illustrations are iconic, especially his Angelarium series. And collectives such as Bloom and the NFT Goddesses community, respectively some of the world’s brightest creative talents from the NFT industry, and a group of amazing female artists with established names in the space.

Katalina’s experience with collectors in the web3 space has been amazing. She finds that they are highly engaged and passionate about art and show an appreciation for the beauty and uniqueness of her works. Despite the distance and different backgrounds, many of them have become close friends and family.

As an avid collector, Katalina finds immense joy in acquiring works from her friends and admired artists. It’s not just about the artwork itself, but also the profound connection it fosters with the creative minds behind it. Engaging in this passion creates an avenue for meaningful conversations, forging a unique bond between Katalina and the artists. It grants her the privilege of delving into the personal narratives and perspectives encapsulated within each piece. Most importantly, Katalina revels in the opportunity to support those dear to her, which fills her with excitement and brings a profound sense of fulfillment.