Reece Swanepoel

Exploring Human Emotion

“For the first time since the Medici family decided to give commissions, artists have a real chance at having a good life and providing for a family. So many incredibly talented artists have struggled their whole lives financially because they didn’t fit the current gallery trends. With NFTs, artists finally have a fair chance.”

Reece Swanepoel is a contemporary expressive artist from South Africa and an NFT advocate. With a bachelor’s degree in Art Education, he has an unrelenting passion for being the most prolific visual artist in history – and the NFT space. Since selling his first artwork in 2013, Reece has grown into a full-time artist. Collectors own his pieces from the USA, Japan, Norway, and across his native country.

When asked what he’s learned from being an NFT artist, Reece remarks: “Being a professional artist is not 50-percent art and 50-percent business. It is 15-percent art, 25-percent networking, 10-percent social media management, 15-percent sales, and 35-percent marketing – and a lot of self-discipline!”

He loves the people and technology in the NFT space. He says that artists are incredibly supportive of each other, and while the technology is genuinely revolutionary, digital ownership verification through blockchain technology will disrupt many industries.

His most famous collection on Opensea, Mannequins, is a series of 100 portraits that are an almost academic attempt at reconciling order and chaos created with spray paint, charcoal pencils, and paper and digitally scanned. Reece has a riveting and moving perspective on his art, exploring human emotion in its deepest senses. Add one to your collection!

Reece Swanepoel