Betty Deadfellaz

Deadfellaz Rule The World

I’ve always been inspired and impacted by disruptive, creative women. Women who create art with a strong message make a powerful combination. This space is flooding with these women – and it is truly awe-inspiring.

Growing up, I idolized women like Skin from the 1990s British rock band Skunk Anansie. Others like Louise Bourgeois, and Yayoi Kusama, TV shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Xena Warrior Princess, and girl bands like the Spice Girls greatly impacted me and shaped my thinking. I would drink up any representation I could find and use that as inspiration to do hard things in spaces I didn’t see myself.

The NFT space enables freedom of creation and empowers creators to not only express themselves and be fairly compensated, but they can really own each part of the creative process without asking for permission. This shift from corporate to the individual creative is astonishing and encouraging.

The most fantastic aspect of the NFT space is the disruption of it all. I love that its nature challenges everything about web2 and traditional business. It creates a redistribution of power and wealth possible. This is the technology that can be used to bring people together to work towards goals for tangible change: fundraising, social justice, and balancing the incredibly skewed gender balance in the intersection of art, finance, and technology.

Here is my mission and my message. Without radical internal change on a personal level, this technology – and the industry built around it – will not progress in how we see mass adoption bringing meaningful and positive change. Without doing that personal work, we will carry the exact same issues and biases from web2 to web3. The same people will then benefit; the same people will reap the majority of rewards. This is our opportunity to challenge ourselves to think differently, act differently, and trust in an alternative future to the trajectory we were on with web2.

As a creator and founder in the space, I hold myself to a personal code. We are at the very forefront of a brand new wave: we are the most visible participants in a fledgling industry that has as much potential as it does criticism and doubt. Because of this, we must ensure we’re acting with everyone’s best interests in mind and moving with integrity, transparency, and good intentions.

Betty Deadfellaz