Web3 is an evolution of the internet – not a replacement. It is an evolution layered on top of connecting, communicating and selling through the internet. We will take a step further: we will build and own the internet as communities. Web3 has the power to bring creators and consumers into direct contact while cutting out the middleman. We’re witnessing a cultural and technological revolution, the birth of a new medium where creators will tell stories in a manner that was never possible before.

Web3 = win win win. Web3 is a coming together of culture and technology. And it’s powerful. At its core is community building, which means being at service and providing value at all times in all things. When done right – and in service – it creates collaboration between everybody for a win-win-win situation for everybody by everybody. This will be HUGE for the established but also web3-native brands.

Connecting at another level. What is the Metaverse? For me, the Metaverse is an evolution of the internet as the ultimate bridge between our physical & digital lives. It is a space that will completely change the way we connect digitally as humans. Blockchain is the underlying tech; web3 is the tools to help us get around; cryptocurrencies are the way we exchange value; NFTs are the enablers and representations of digital ownership of physical and digital items. But most importantly, the Metaverse will be a place where the people own and build the world around themselves.

With web2 and social media, we’ve not owned anything digitally. That’s because we never had the space to do so. Why should you own something digitally when you can’t use it? With the Metaverse, you now have the motive to own digital things.

The Metaverse will also profoundly change the way culture and technology are interconnected. The amount of time we spend online has grown exponentially; with that, the need for digital identity and self-expression has surged. With an avatar-type environment styled after our real-life experience, we can also represent ourselves in how we look, exactly how we do in the offline world. The difference now is that we can be whoever and however we want. The Metaverse creates the rise of Anonymity, and Anonymity frees Identity and self-expression.

The Metaverse and web3 are creating a new medium where tech and culture are merging and presenting a renaissance for creators, communities, and consumers from all over the world.

We’re only just getting started! LFGrow