“I probably should not be flipping any of these. I’m going to hold onto these.”

“Art Collector? Biscuit King.” That’s how NorCal_Guy describes himself.

Before entering the world of web3, NorCal_Guy invested in crypto and launched his wife’s startup from home. Being active in the Twittersphere, his introduction into the NFT space came from following MoonOverlord, who tipped him about NBA Top Shots. “I was like, I should probably just go do that. It sounds like easy money. It was easy money until they screwed that up and inflated the supply,” he says.

He soon discovered Art Blocks and began flipping those. However, after a few trades, he suddenly changed his heart. “I thought they were awesome and historic, so I said to myself, ‘I probably should not be flipping any of these. I’m going to hold onto these.’”

After a sharp shift in mentality, NorCal_Guy began unraveling other sides of the ever-enchanting NFT space. As he began talking to artists and experiencing meaningful and thought-provoking conversations, he grew in awe of the NFT community and the many creatives involved. That’s when he started building relationships and transitioned towards collecting one-of-one art.

“I felt the amount of people collecting gen art meant you didn’t get that one-of-one time with the artists. Whereas with one-of-one artwork, you definitely get to know them,” he mentions.

With a keen eye for underground art and a self-set limit of 5 ETH, he tends not to buy anything trending. “I usually go with what looks good to me or stands out as unique,” he says.

Another remarkable development of NorCal_Guy’s contribution to the NFT space is his photography. Having studied at art school over two decades ago, his excitement in the NFT world re-ignited his passion, and he began creating digital art he could call his own. “One thing that I have enjoyed about going to the conferences is going out by myself, walking around, and just taking pictures of things I think are interesting.”

He has experienced a 360-degree scope of this wonderful and forward-thinking industry, from collecting art to creating it. What’s in store next for NorCal_Guy? Watch this space!