“I believe in the power of this community and the web3 space, as well as the power of NFTs for creators and collectors.”

From being a courageous political activist to a giving art collector, Amir Soleymani (better known as Mondoir) has always been for the culture. He is a gallerist, entrepreneur, art advocate, a member of the NFT Guild, and is building the future of web3 with his brand Mondoir.

It all started with his grandad at the age of 8. Mondoir was fascinated by his grandad’s stamp collection, and he began collecting anything he could get his hands on. “I started to collect all sorts of things from stones and coins to anything collectible,” he remembers.

Amongst his collection of over 2,000 NFTs are the genesis pieces of Time, Forbes, Life, and many more pieces from industry-defining collections: Paris Hilton x Blake Kathryn, Manchester City, and Adidas/Prada.

Before becoming a world-renowned art collector, he fought for equality and a fair sovereign state in Iran. “I was there when people opposed the Iran government publicly for the first time; I spent a lot of time in jails,” he says. “I continued my political activism and did a lot of social activism volunteering in different organizations to help refugees and any other ways I could help the community.”

Collecting art entered the picture around 2010. After being tipped off by his art dealer of a digital art marketplace called ‘Don’t Buy Meme,’ he decided to give it a whirl. As he became exposed to the artists and their stories, it wasn’t long before he became invested. “I believe in this space and what I’m doing,” he shares. “I believe in the power of this community and the web3 space, as well as the power of NFTs for creators and collectors.”

This culminated in the creation of the Adelia Art Gallery in Liverpool, United Kingdom, a unique physical space that displays NFTs and digital art. His gallery is the home to some of the most renowned international digital art pieces, including artworks from Victor Langlois (a.k.a FEWOCiOUS), Ryan Wilson (a.k.a ThankYouX), and Cory Van Lew. More recently, he has brought this unique vision to UAE, where he opened his second NFT gallery, Mondoir Gallery, in Downtown, Dubai.

His work is multi-faceted. In 2022, Amir led NFT Liverpool, a major real-life event to unite NFTs and digital art enthusiasts. In partnership with The Times and FC Liverpool, the exhibition aimed to give the community a space to curate NFT-native art. Curators for the event included influential web3 thought leaders, such as Keith Grossman, Paris Hilton, and PAK.