Other World


“I’m going to keep working in the crypto space and the web3 ecosystem for as long as I can.”

”Dark Art with Bright Colors” With that, Other World has taken over the NFT world, and in return, it has embraced this fantastically talented artist. He straddles two worlds – art and science – with style. “My artistic approach is a combination of collage work and illustrating,” Other World says. “I reimagine older paintings to create new art with completely different storylines. My works primarily focus on creating dark themes with bright colors. The hooded characters I draw are called fiends. My art is a reflection of my thoughts, beliefs, and experiences.”

He’s always loved doodling and drawing simple, humorous figures. As a youngster, he even considered becoming a cartoonist, but he excelled in science at school. He plowed all his energy and focus into his studies, graduated from school, and studied bioengineering at college.

His creative fire still burned during those four years at college. After he finished his undergrad career and moved on to graduate school, he began sharing his art. He started on Instagram, moved to Twitter, and was met with a surge in interest in art. That’s when he learned about those three letters that have changed his life: NFT.

“To further express my individuality as an artist, it was only natural for me to employ a digital medium,” he shares. “I’m going to keep working in the crypto space and web3 ecosystem for as long as I can. My interests lie more in the arts than the sciences, and I believe I have more to offer society in the former field.”

His creative process involves trawling the internet for examples of canonical works and then reimagining the stories and aesthetics of those works in his own imagination. “These paintings are by masters who lived hundreds of years ago. Their work is beautiful but often is painted with realistic, muted colors. Putting on clashing hues is a fun challenge for me.”

He describes the experience of selling artwork online as ‘weird.’ He explains: “You’re selling it in such a fresh and bizarre way like you just made your art sitting on your bed on the iPad, and now it’s sold, and you get these magical internet coins.”

His art has flown across the web3 and blockchain to elevate Other World to one of the most famous figures in the space. Besides the ‘magical internet coins,’ Other World is captivated by creativity and community. What a time to be alive!

Other World