Upon the artist in the NFT space, Rockruna believes that transparency, honesty, and respect are among the most pivotal.

Rockruna creates entrancing fantasy images through photo manipulation. Her work is exceedingly intricate, with one art piece often consisting of as many as 80 different images.

With her genesis drop on Foundation, a fantastical creation titled ‘Heavyweight Turtle,’ Rockruna aims to create awareness of the impact human ignorance has on nature. She poured a lot of emotion into the creation of this piece, feeling both incredible joy and immense sadness while working on it.

Released shortly after that was her ‘Car Junkyard Sweden’ collection, consisting of three haunting images taken in a Scandinavian car graveyard.

In addition to being a passionate photographer and digital artist, Rockruna also runs Art Unchained alongside her husband, Unchained Ninja. Their purpose? To create and curate custom virtual galleries to showcase the work of their fellow creatives.

Prior to entering the NFT space, she never shared the results of her artistic endeavors with anyone else. She explains: “It never occurred to me to show my art to the public, let alone have anyone spend money on it. When I met and fell in love with Unchained Ninja, he introduced me to the world of NFTs and showed me that my art was worth seeing. I am very grateful to him for that.”

Several responsibilities fall upon the artist in the NFT space. What are some of these responsibilities? Rockruna believes that “transparency, honesty, and respect are among the most pivotal.” Can Rockruna pinpoint a singular, defining moment during her time in web3? “This one, the excellent NFT Yearbook, and I am very grateful for it.” She also has the utmost respect for collectors who choose to play it safe and learn more about the inner workings of the space before parting with their money, especially considering the increased prevalence of scammers in web3.

Living in Switzerland, Rockruna has always enjoyed image editing to photography. Her biggest inspiration is Erik Johansson, one of the greatest Photoshop artists of our time.