Cath Simard


“I collect little fragments of reality to make it my own.”

Cath Simard worked as a model, fashion stylist, and art director before making a complete life change, moving to Australia for two years and then to the Canadian Rockies. Down Under, she picked bananas while taking photographs whenever she could.

It was during a scramble in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, above a glacier lake, that she had an epiphany: “This is what I want to do for a really long time.” And, she has ever since.

Cath loves exploring remote places. To create a single image, she’s walked as much as 186 miles (250 kilometres), trekked 18 days in the mountains, and shot at an elevation as high as 19,356 feet (5,900 meters). Due to her lengthy creative process, Cath only creates and releases 5 – 7 images per year.

In 2017, Cath took a photo of a remote road in Hawaii, which became a viral sensation. She decided to release the rights to the image under the hashtag #freehawaiiphoto. Collector @gmoneyNFT purchased the image, minted on SuperRare, for 100 ETH. This watershed moment in NFT, photography, and media rights sparked huge interest.

Cath’s genesis collection dropped in 2021 on SuperRare. The piece ‘Le Départ’ included a personalized trip in the Canadian Rockies. Unique at the time for the IRL experience attached to the NFT, it sold for 30 ETH. Sotheby’s auctioned ‘Continuum’ in 2022, “a pivotal piece that marks the beginning of my obsession for the Aurora Northern Lights.”

Cath was one of the first renowned photographers to release an edition, ‘Trillion Star Hotel.’ She has a unique edition drop on Nifty Gateway called ‘Blue Patagonia’. ‘Metascapes’ is a fascinating collection of collaborative AI-generated landscape artworks.

In 2022, Cath realized she wanted to visit the landscapes she created in DALL-E. It gave her the idea to ask a collector to create a piece of AI art, and her job would be to go out into the world to try and recreate the piece. She had a platform built where everyone bidding could create a piece of AI and submit it with their bid. “The final bid piece, a red temple with mountains in the background, is pointing me to China. My job in 2023 will be to go to China!”

OG Cath is a Sony Alpha Universe Ambassador, and she was part of National Geographic’s NFT drop. Follow this extraordinarily talented landscape artist!

Cath Simard