Killer Acid


“ is the perfect embodiment of Rob’s creative processes and a mirror of his young, artistic self.”

From psychedelic animations to humorous cartoons, Killer Acid is a multi-talented artist renowned for his signature drawing style. He cut his teeth in New York City for 2 decades and relocated to Santa Cruz, California, in 2018 to start his own art studio.

Killer Acid – Rob Corradetti IRL – began drawing his signature characters as a teenager. “My dad was always trying to get me into labor from a young age,” Rob shares. “One day, he and I ended up at this little boardwalk print shop in Ocean City, Maryland. Since I was a kid, I’d been making these funny little cartoon weirdos, and the print shop took a liking to them and let me print them on t-shirts. So I happened to learn how to screen print when I was a teenager. The next year I got a job at a comic book store, where I picked up more business ideas.”

That would prove beneficial. From an early age, Rob understood the process and logistics of creating and distributing art via merchandise – an element very much prevalent in his life two decades later. Having adopted the mindset of an entrepreneur, he turned to his school for a new pool of customers. “I would have a bunch of t-shirts in my car,” he remembers. “And when I became of driving age, I would go to the park after high school and sell shirts out of the trunk. I essentially started my first brand then. It was called Craggy Sun.”

Having finished school and established the possibilities of a bigger market, it was time for New York. “I became exposed to so many artists, and that’s where I really honed in on my craft and found an audience over time – it took me 10 years, probably. Killer Acid officially started in 2011.” Between his involvement in the Brooklyn underground art and comics scene, playing music, and creating artwork, Rob bounced back and forth from advertising agencies to make ends meet and give him the time to develop the Killer Acid brand at night and on weekends.

Specializing in everything from screen prints and t-shirts to digital downloads and gift cards, is the perfect embodiment of Rob’s creative processes and a mirror of his young, artistic self. Rob can harmoniously mix humor with mysterious characters and tongue-in-cheek connotations. Dramatic solid line illustrations, combined with black, white, and high-contrast colors, are hallmarks of Rob’s art.

Killer Acid