John Knopf


“He was given his first camera at the age of four and has been chasing waterfalls, sunsets, and epic landscapes since.”

“I picked up a camera and just was like, ‘I would rather just be homeless and chasing photography for the rest of my life.’”

That was when John Knopf quit his day job to dedicate his life to photography. At that time, Knopf dreamed of being a landscape photographer and moved to Arizona where he started developing his landscape photography.

As a completely self-taught photographer, today he stands as a National Geographic award-winning photographer and web3 wonder. He was given his first camera at the age of 4 and has been chasing waterfalls, sunsets, and epic landscapes since.

In 2008 Knopf quit his job and decided to become a full-time photographer. He has since taken his art from a passionate hobby to a highly successful enterprise. He opened his first gallery at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas strip in 2012 and a second location at Ridgedale Center in the Minneapolis area in 2017.

John’s talents have been recognized by TIME Magazine, Red Bull, USA Today, Billboard Magazine, and Google, among others.

This Emmy-nominated international award-winning photographer was also one of the first photographers in the NFT space, and continues to lead it with his own drops and contributions to projects of big brands such as TIME Magazine and National Geographic’s NFT.

His journey in web3 started in 2021 with incredible success: he minted his first piece and was overjoyed when it sold. He then proceeded with minting the first photography book to the blockchain that included a physical copy. Soon after, he sold a 23 ETH photograph which at the time was the highest selling single photo NFT without any unlockables, securing his place in the NFT space.

When Knopf creates landscape pieces he aims to keep them as natural as possible. He says, “Photography to me, in my opinion, is capturing nature’s light. Nature dictates my art, and it is a very humbling experience. I don’t get to choose necessarily what I’m creating. Nature is creating that. And I try to work with my vision with nature.”

As vast as the world is, John Knopf’s incredible photography and passion for the NFT space reach far beyond that. The sky’s the limit for NFTs and John Knopf!

John Knopf