“Witnessing how NFTs put creative control back into the hands of the artist is something that spoke to me. After seeing the power of an NFT community built right, it was a no-brainer to begin building the Dippieverse.”

The Dippieverse is one of the most significant movements on the blockchain. Created by Taylor Might, the Dippies NFT collection is strongly influenced and inspired by the hippies of the 1970s, with the same concepts of decentralization and freedom driving web3 and the NFT space.

This collection of 8,888 unique digital hippies (and the Dippies Vans, which are fully animated, cross-NFT compatible companions) has grown into a powerful community in web3. It has even spawned a collaboration between Death Row Mixtapes and Snoop Dogg to create the theme music for their community.

“Dippies are modern-day adaptations of hippies with the same values, ones that are more in touch with society but who are still quietly carving their own path,” says Taylor. “Dippies are building global communities across the world. Rather than refusing the way things are, Dippies are changing the way things are. And many of them are using crypto to do it. Sticking it to The Man has created a new world rooted in decentralization.”

Before the meteoric rise of the Dippieverse, how did Taylor the artist get his start in the NFT space? By joining a strong NFT community, he built his following and network by creating art for the community and individual members. He got his start in the Doodles community, and as he learned more, he began to branch out.

“I’m from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, and I worked at a local print shop designing super simple vector art for Canadian souvenirs and working at a ski hill,” shares Taylor. “The idea of having complete creative control and making a living off of 1-of-1s while not answering to clients or employers appealed to me. The idea of owning different artists’ work and having creative rights to their work, which is verified by the blockchain, also makes the space very interesting.”