“I’m still trying to figure out how to do everything. It’s just life.”

Photography has been a passion for Jen Caywood throughout her life. She took up photography during college while studying medicine. It fueled her travel lust – and she quit college to dive deep into travel photography.

Then came COVID-19. It forced her to change her artistic style from realistic landscapes to creative designs with evocative colors and shapes to add to the allure of the scenes, which she calls Vaporwave Landscape visual art. This timing couldn’t have been more perfect for Jen’s art: “That’s when NFTs began, too, so I started growing along with the community.”

Jen says that she wasn’t getting more followers on Instagram, but everything blew up when she switched to Twitter. “Especially when your work is retweeted, it can reach so many more people than on Instagram, which really helped me grow. Twitter is kind of cool.”

Her first big drop came in the spring of 2020. She’s minted 70 pieces to date and is one of the most famous personas in web3.

Creating art isn’t always a dreamy experience. Jen’s outspoken about the pressures on artists and creators in the NFT space. “I think it’s hard to figure out where your priorities should be, as both an artist and a collector. That’s kind of hard to balance because I do believe in the business side of it. When you put out work, you want it to be worth something to collectors and for the price to go up over time so that collectors feel like they have something that will make them money.”

Jen says balance is essential. Her artistic side comes out when she wants to make art, and another aspect of her comes forward to show and share it with the world. “These are two different kinds of people, but some people could be somewhere in the middle. I guess I’m in the middle because I love making things, and I make money from them,” she shares. “I’m still trying to figure out how to do everything. It’s just life.”

Finding that balance in this space – as in life – is what Jen also loves about the web3 life. It has enabled her to chase her dreams and push herself to ever greater heights as a person.