Damian Lewinowicz

Damian Lewinowicz


“He has a talent for transforming ones and zeros into unique works of art.”

Damian, also known as peH in the web3 space, is a lively Pole in his late 20s who spends his days as a CNC operator but harbors an unyielding desire to be an artist. With a personality as vibrant as his dreams, Damian is a quirky individual who knows how to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

He isn’t one to shy away from expressing his strong opinions. He has a knack for shaking things up, stirring the pot, and making people ponder. However, he couldn’t care less about ruffling feathers because he firmly believes in staying true to himself. You can count on Damian to fearlessly voice his thoughts – even if it means rocking the boat. Life would be boring without a few waves, right?

After a long day at the CNC machine, Damian finds solace in making art. He’s found a new passion —speculating in the crypto market. From regular cryptocurrencies to the intriguing world of NFTs, Damian fearlessly dives into the digital realm of financial possibilities. Who would’ve thought a skilled CNC operator would have such a knack for navigating the crypto waters? Perhaps he has a talent for transforming ones and zeros into unique works of art.

In addition to his artistic aspirations and financial ventures, Damian also has a girlfriend and a little bundle of joy in his life. Balancing work, hobbies, and family may seem like a juggling act, but Damian takes it all in stride. He cherishes the love and support of his partner and enjoys creating precious memories with his little one, which undoubtedly brings an extra dose of joy and chaos to his colorful world.

Damian, the CNC operator turned crypto enthusiast, reminds us that life is too short to stifle our dreams. His lighthearted approach to life and ability to find joy in the simplest of activities inspire us to embrace our passions fearlessly. Who knows? Maybe one day, Damian will bridge the gap between art and CNC operations, revolutionizing the industry with his eccentric genius. Until then, we can only admire his audacity, and zest for life. Cheers to you, Damian, and may your artistic dreams continue to flourish alongside your adventurous spirit!

Damian Lewinowicz