“MindWanders has tried to create conceptual work by incorporating elements that have meaning and tell a story.”

Art is powerful. Expressions of emotions and experiences represented in a graphic, visual medium can move people, cities, countries, and populations. MindWanders (a.k.a. Connor Muskett) is a 23-year-old artist from Scotland that utilizes numerous mediums to express himself creatively. From a young age, he’s been immersed in an art lifestyle through his parents, Caroline and George Muskett, and his grandparents, Chris and Frederick Jefferies, all of which are artists.

Photography has been his art form of choice since he was 14 when he started shooting at local music gigs, but he’s been painting and drawing from a young age. “I was just going to like local gigs, seeing local bands, and there was no one there documenting what was actually happening,” he explains. “I just felt like taking some videos and documenting what’s happening. It’s just like another creative outlet.”

His creativity and skill grew the more he explored and experimented with his camera and the art form. Things started to fall into place for MindWanders when he joined Twitter and was inspired by the artists sharing and interacting on the platform. “I was instantly more inspired than I ever had been,” says MindWanders. The rabbit hole to web3 was reaching out to him…

MindWanders has tried to create conceptual work by incorporating elements that have meaning and tell a story. “I’d never done too much conceptual stuff and never put my all into my work. I was mostly just taking photos of stuff, but then it inspired me to actually try and tell a story or try and capture a moment.”

The NFT art space drew MindWanders in because of its permanency. “I looked at it as a digital pin board almost,” he explains. “Like, just a board on the wall and just put photos on it. That’s why I feel the blockchain is a digital one. And, I heard that it will stay around forever, and that’s obviously cool.”

Although MindWanders hasn’t collaborated with anyone yet, he’s excited to do so. “I would fully be open to doing it with anyone, but obviously, I have to personally have a liking for their art. I’m not going to do something I’m not fond of.”

His photography is hauntingly good. Drop on his socials, and you’ll be mesmerized too!