“NFT is not primarily about selling your art; it’s about supporting the community and emerging artists.”

That’s Isayev Art’s take on the NFT space. He explains, “It’s very important because we all start somewhere with something, and we all want recognition as creative individuals. The NFT space is very helpful and supports artists. I absolutely believe that the NFT space will expand and evolve over time.”

This illustrator and artist is passionate about science fiction, art deco, and retrofuturism. Orkhan Isayev – aka Isayev Art – describes himself as a vintage fiction artist.

“I was attracted to futurism from an early age, but I also always liked the nostalgia of the 20th century because it was very intense, and I was always looking for ways to show that together. In 2019, I found out that there is such a trend in art as retrofuturism and vintage science fiction. I was very influenced by the work of American artist Syd Mead, who created an entire concept of the Blade Runner universe, and was also involved in projects such as Tron and Alien.”

His first collection, “UTOPIA Universe,” which is on the Foundation platform, shows us a world in which historical architectural buildings perfectly harmonize with vintage futurism.

When asked what he thinks are the barriers to mass adoption of blockchain and other web3 concepts, Isayev replies: “In my opinion, the problem is that people don’t fully understand the value of NTFs and why it’s worth owning a digital version of art when everyone is convinced you can just take a picture, save it on your computer and think you own it.”

He believes patience is the most important thing for artists in the NFT space. “Building the right community through deep relationships is the best way to become successful and create a sustainable environment for yourself as an artist in the NFT space.”

Isayev’s art will take you into the future through the hyperloop of blockchain!