Bumpy Junkie

Riding the Waves of NFT

“The excitement of knowing everything is so new and groundbreaking. We are paving the future of art in real-time.”

This 3d artist from Spain has taken the NFT world by storm with his quirky and abstract characters. Mr. Bumpy’s artworks feature ‘lonely characters and their poor life habits,’ combining humor and melancholy to create an emotionally swirling picture. He’s one of the many examples of artists finding success and recognition in web3 and the NFT space.

Mr. Bumpy first learned about NFTs in February 2021 and was immediately intrigued by the possibility of selling original art as a digital artist. He’s been in the commercial illustration business for years, but it wasn’t until NFTs disrupted the art scene that he could focus solely on his personal art – and make a living from it.

His first project was born to distract his mind during the COVID-19 lockdown, and now it’s become his full-time job – with many exciting projects and collaborations on the horizon. For his art, he creates “messed-up” characters, which is a way for him to deal with his struggles with substance abuse and those close to him who still struggle with it. “I hope others see it the same way and can connect to it,” Mr. Bumpy shares.

What Mr. Bumpy is passionate about the NFT space and its potential for artists and creators. “The excitement of knowing everything is so new and ground-breaking. We are paving the future of art in real-time.”

“I’ve connected with so many artists and collectors and become friends with them,” Mr. Bumpy shares what he loves most about the NFT space. “I feel genuinely happy when they are thriving, and I can tell they do too. There’s a real sense of camaraderie in my circle.”

He also hopes to see more digital artists starting to get the recognition they deserve. The biggest hurdle for the mass adoption of NFTs and other web3 concepts, according to Mr. Bumpy, is the need for education. “When I ask non-crypto savvy friends what they know about NFTs, their answer is quite negative and usually goes along the lines of ‘Overpriced, low-effort jpgs shilled by celebrities.’ To be fair, if that’s all the information I had, I would lack the curiosity to dig any deeper. That shows a necessity to educate people on digital ownership and all the benefits it can bring to the table.”

Bumpy Junkie