“The future is multi-chain and multi-marketplace.”

Evan Varsamis, Greek-born and raised, is a New York-based entrepreneur, NFT expert, Forbes contributor, NFT trader, collector, and visionary whose journey began at the young age of 15. While it’s not unusual for teenagers to be gaming fanatics, Evan went a step further, teaching himself design and development, and by age 18, he had developed blogs and websites. After serving in the Navy for a year, he studied shipping and finance, which was pertinent to the career path he was about to embark upon.

His curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit led him to launch a media agency serving European startups assisting with digital advertising and growth hacking. From there, he launched his web2 company Gadget Flow – an original product discovery platform that has worked with over 10,000 brands including Fortune 500 companies, between 2012 and 2022.

But crypto and blockchain tech caught his eye; in 2015.

In 2021, he developed a keen interest in NFTs supporting small artists, then upped his game, investing and trading in blue chip NFTs and other high-end collections. However, Evan wasn’t impressed with the tooling that was available at the time and decided to create his own.

With blockchain data being open and available, Evan says it comes down to how you digest the data across all these different sources and doubled down on the trading experience with Mintify’s new trading terminal.

“We consider Minify as the NFT terminal for all NFT Economies. That includes PFPs, virtual land, gaming assets, music, and so on.”

What sets Minify apart from the competition? Its modular UI, the enterprise-grade infrastructure, and its support for on-chain and off-chain data lets you access valuable insights depending on the asset class you are trading.

“What we are offering is liquidity aggregation, we combine off-chain and on-chain data from multiple private and public marketplaces. Sophisticated investors and sophisticated traders need sophisticated tooling. We are building exactly that here at Minify and catering to future needs, such as trading exotic digital assets. Down the road, we see fragmented NFTs being traded, and we are getting ready for that. The future is multi-chain and multi-marketplace.”

For Evan, it has also been about being in the right place, at the right time, with the right experience.