In France, a celebrity NFT drop is called a ‘le drop with cheese.’ Joey Dunne is a celebrity NFT and Metaverse blogger who celebrates all things NFT with his excellent blog named as a homage to Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction.

LeDropWithCheese is a celebrity NFT and Metaverse influencer and consulting business helping to onboard and monetize NFT collections for artists and celebrity clients. He shared how it started: “When NFTs were first starting, I noticed that the drops getting the most press weren’t individual artists, but the celebrity NFT drops. It used to be weekly celebrity drops, but now it is daily. I saw it as a way for this industry to head towards mass adoption. The space really needs celebrities to embrace NFTs and help push it forward to popularize it.”

He’s showcased over 100 celebrity NFT drops to date, from stars ranging from Jim Carrey, Bella Hadid, James Harden, Jon Heder, Lil Nas, Lewis Capaldi, and Lindsay Lohan, to Floyd Mayweather Jr, Chris McCormick, Tim Brown, Steve Harvey, and Lil Jon. LeDropWithCheese also discovers talented Metaverse artists such as Valentina Mami, Retro Cat, Scott Travis, and zarO.

He has collected thousands of NFTs across many blockchains. When he meets NFT noobs, and they show interest in NFTs but find the onboarding process daunting, Joey helps them create a wallet and gifts them their first NFT. This is one of the ways to popularize this space and educate the Average Joe on the fun aspect of NFTs.

Marketing in the Metaverse is wholly different from its traditional counterpart. Joey explained: “There are a lot of projects that need press and visibility. It requires a completely different approach, practices, and efforts. It never stops. With my work, I onboard individuals and companies into the Metaverse. We must have open arms, help people and companies learn more about this space, and grow it together.”

LeDropWithCheese may be about headline grabbers, but he is serious about this business: “Everything will be an NFT in the future,” he commented. “In its simplest form, an NFT is just a contract made by a creator for an end user. All businesses will be involved in Web3 and utilize blockchain technology to make people’s lives easier and more transparent. The future of the Metaverse is bright: it really does empower the creator and decentralizes the way people can make money now.”

Joey’s work has grown to include the Metaverse interviews – with the same fun, snappy, and insightful interviews. “Meet With Cheese” features Metaverse CEOs, founders and artists to celebrate the fully immersive world of NFT and Web3 communities. He says: “In these interviews, you’ll learn about up-and-coming Metaverse projects and founders with exceptional talents and use cases for why Web3 is here to stay.”

What’s most exciting about the future? “NFTs create whole new classes of entrepreneurs – and can drive people to build a better humanity in the web.”