Colin Egan

Colin Egan

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“Even when the road gets rough, never stop believing in yourself.”

Blue Cat was born in 2013 through Colin Egan’s 100-Day Project, which he documented on Instagram. “It was created because my friends and followers resonated with my cat character,” he shares.

Blue Cat was put on hold to focus on his graphic design career. When Blockchain came along, his close friend Evan Luza (ELU) introduced him to the world of web3, and Coli then bought his first NFT and, through that, met Tom Williamson (Xtremetom), and Rob Mehew (Lynqoid), who would go on to launch Cool Cats in July 2021 with him.

Inspired by a poster he’d made earlier of assorted Blue Cats dressed in different outfits, Colin began to work on the collection for Cool Cats. “It was special because people who minted and bought before there was any hype around the project just saw the art and loved it. Very few artists at that time created collections; most NFTs were one of one. So we thought that we would work on a couple of projects and be done. But Cool Cats took on a life of its own, and we knew we had to do more because a lot of people bought in.”

On mint day, Cool Cats announced that nine cats looked different from the other 141. People rushed to find the rare NFTs. That marketing savvy and the fact that the team spent time with the community in weekly Town Hall meetings (which still take place) have made Cool Cats a global brand.

2022 was an epic year. Cool Pets was launched, and the world of Cooltopia arrived. The community grew, and Cool Cats got their official blue checkmark. “We couldn’t have done it without the support of our amazing community and team. Thank you for being a part of our journey.”

Cool Cats showed SXSW how to party and took over NYC with a 4-day immersive experience displaying the world of Cooltopia. They partnered with OneFootBall and Animoca Brands to launch CoolCats FC. The community rallied together for a huge poll, earning Cool Cats a giant IRL balloon at the 2023 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The collaboration Kitbash Boogers dropped at the end of April. An integrated merch shop opened, and the first Cool Comic was launched.

2023 has been full of amazing achievements for Cool Cats, partnering with Futureverse, dropping the Shadow Wolves collection, opening a San Diego Comic Con booth, revamping the Cool Pets collection, and working on three new games. Cool Cats is aligned to bringing Blue Cat, Chugs, and the rest of their friends to the masses through content, gaming, and merch until Blue Cat becomes a household name.

Colin Egan