“I am super inspired by women who I meet personally or in movies. I love to stare at their faces, at their bone structures, at the shapes of their jaws, their noses.”

WonderKatzi, (known as Sasha Katz, IRL) is an Athens-based visual artist with an unreal talent. Through her art, she examines the perfection and flaws of the feminine body and female sexuality. Celebrating the values of diversity and unconventionality, Sasha challenges and reshapes the conventional notions of beauty to express her endless love for women.

Sasha graduated from the British High School of Arts and Design as an illustrator in 2012, and started working as an editorial designer for a magazine shortly after that. In 2013, she began making pixel art and discovered the art of 3d in 2014. As a creative, Sasha felt “connected and so inspired by the possibilities of 3d software” to make art in this form.

Her breathtaking art has been featured on Juxtapoz, It’s Nice That, I-D Vice, Paper Journal, Vogue Italia, and others. She’s recently collaborated with Burberry, Gucci, Laura Strambi, and Vogue Talents.

It wasn’t long until web3 came calling. A friend introduced her to NFTs, “One of the co-founders of Feltzine platform called me and invited me to participate in the Feltzine x SuperRare group show. He spent an hour explaining to me what crypto and blockchain are,” says Sasha.

Social media has been an important tool for Sasha as a source of inspiration and a tool for connecting with our artists and creators. “I’m still very focused on 3d and, for example, on Instagram I’m mostly following 3d artists,” she says. “Most of them are in web3. On Twitter, I’m following a lot of painters, performance artists, and poets.”

She’s also inspired by the opportunities and potential offered by AI for artists and creators. She has incorporated AI tools into her workflow, using AI to create textures and generate tattoos on her 3d characters.

Although Sasha loves the web3 space, she still enjoys the physical art space. Sasha believes that “it’s important to diversify your income and your activities” to avoid the pressures of bear markets in both spheres, and also in terms of creativity and expression. However, she predicts that the traditional art world will move more toward web3 in the coming years. In the meantime, she’s exhibiting her incredible artwork in shows and galleries across Europe, and creating more artwork for web3 audiences.