Max Capacity


“Max created his ‘DOS Punks’ collection consisting of 1,000 pieces. The entire collection was sold out swiftly.”

Max Capacity creates striking NFT glitch videos with a distinct hint of eighties nostalgia. Growing up, Max was always involved in art in one way or another. In addition to engaging in countless artsy activities as a child, he also opted for art as his electives in high school.

Prior to venturing onto the blockchain, Max’s artistic efforts were mostly limited to Tumblr – where he amassed a 200,000-strong following. After experimenting with various mediums, he decided to stick with the one he enjoyed most – video.

Not a stranger to crypto, Max first heard about the NFT space from none other than NFT maven, XCOPY, who also later helped him to mint his first NFT in February 2021 – the same day that ‘Mean Girls’ star, Lindsay Lohan, minted her genesis drop.

By October 2021, Max found himself needing to make a considerable amount of money in a limited amount of time. Inspired by CryptoPunk derivatives, Max created his ‘DOS Punks’ collection consisting of 1,000 pieces. The entire collection was sold out swiftly, much to the disdain of collectors who lost out on acquiring one of these NFTs for their own collections.

Apart from being a revered digital artist turning heads with his trippy glitch videos, Max is also a curator on Nifty Gateway. He says: “I actually think Nifty is handling community curation better than, say, SuperRare at this point. Nifty essentially onboards artists and then allows them the freedom to do what they want.”

Gatekeeping has become somewhat of a hot topic among creators, collectors, and thought leaders in the NFT space. Max shares some of his views: “What some people refer to as ‘curation’ is nothing but gatekeeping. It is going to take us all the way back to traditional art 2.0, where up-and-coming artists that you’re supporting today won’t receive support from anyone else. Unfortunately, popularity contests and ivory towers are still very prevalent within the space.”

Eager to become more involved in the NFT space, Max endeavors to attend more industry events and increase his networking efforts.

Max Capacity