Alpha Centauri Kid


“All I know is I want the legacy to survive. So I’m doing everything I can to further my legacy through art.”

He might be a ‘Kid,’ but he’s not to be underestimated. Alpha Centauri Kid, who goes by the moniker ACK on socials, is a leader in a new field of art and music inspired by cryptography. He’s taken the NFT world by storm, with Blue Chip artists like XCOPY, GMoney, and Punk #4156 bidding for his artworks.

Even though he didn’t start creating and minting NFTs until March 2021, he’s already left an indelible mark in the space by pushing boundaries with his innovative art style. His debut piece on SuperRare, “ctrl + alt + generate,” was a massive hit on the NFT market. It sold for 165.29 ETH – a record-setting price for cryptoart.

STRETCHING CANVAS AND BOUNDARIES As a professional artist, ACK’s been creating art for years. He shares: “I started by painting with oil on canvas. I thought I’d try to write it or create it in Photoshop and digital tools. It was then that I discovered NFTs, and I was fascinated by the space and its community.” Now, he is doing everything he can to leave a lasting artistic legacy, and ACK thinks he has only just begun to explore the digital world. “I think we’ve barely scratched the surface because I’ve been the first to do something like four times already, and I’m ready for someone else to be the first. This space is rapidly evolving – I can’t wait to see where it goes next. It opens doors for others to take those ideas and further them.”

PAINT THE MARKET Even though he knows some collectors only buy art to sell for profit, he firmly believes that people should buy art that they connect with and treasure. As with traditional art, there’s value in keeping a piece to enjoy for the simple sake of its artistic beauty and appeal. “I think longing for physical things will never go away,” ACK says. “Even though the technology is advancing, people will always want to return to it. I will be painting more works IRL; those people can collect via the blockchain too. I think it will become an essential part of this space. “All I know is I want the legacy to survive. So I’m doing everything I can to further my legacy through art.

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