Miss Lefort


“Miss Lefort’s NFT project revolutionizes the concept of authenticity in the fashion world.”

The Miss Lefort brand redefines the convergence of art and fashion by creating silk scarves as wearable art pieces. The innovation lies in integrating NFT technology to ensure the authenticity and uniqueness of each piece, with an added layer of Augmented Reality to bring the designs to life.

Miss Lefort’s pieces are designed as transposable artworks, blending the classic and contemporary, printed on the highest quality silk. The magic and symbolic number 111 limits each collection, enhancing the exclusiveness of each scarf. Moreover, the brand offers diverse designs, crafted by renowned artists such as Mannhick, whose creations carry hidden messages and lucky charms.

Miss Lefort is committed to ensuring the superior quality of each product. Crafted in Como, Italy, famous for its silk expertise, Miss Lefort scarves are made from pure, natural twill silk. The vibrant colors and deep blacks highlight the art piece they bear, providing unmatched softness and lightness.

Miss Lefort’s NFT project revolutionizes the concept of authenticity in the fashion world. Each scarf is authenticated by an NFT based on the Ethereum blockchain, guaranteeing traceability, value, and originality. With the user-friendly platform created in collaboration with Ein NFT, owners can manage their digital proof of purchase, demonstrate its authenticity, and track its history without needing technical knowledge of the blockchain.

Augmented Reality adds another dimension to the project. By downloading the free Artivive app, owners can see the images on their scarf come to life, creating an immersive and interactive experience. This technology overlays virtual elements, such as sounds, 2d and 3d images, or videos, into reality, realistically superimposing virtual objects on the real image.

The founder of Miss Lefort, passionate about scarves since an early age, conceived this brand to share her passion and democratize this unique accessory. With Miss Lefort, she has succeeded in creating a product that merges art, fashion, and technology in a novel way, while providing a sense of uniqueness to her customers.

For those who prefer more classic models, Miss Lefort also offers a collection that includes scarves such as ‘Louis IV,’ ‘11,’ ‘Liberté,’ or ‘Dragon.’ Every scarf purchased from Miss Lefort comes with a unique digital artwork that proves its authenticity and is secured by the digital bank

Miss Lefort