Dr. $uss


“Truthfully, I don’t call them collectors: they’re my patients, $AINT$, fellow Memelitia Members, Bong Rippers, and more.”

“I was born and raised in Denstantinople, a smowl neighboring country to Kekistan,” Dr. $uss shares. “My country is home to some of the most bright thinkers, innovators, artists, memeticians, and defenders of freedom to ever grace the world. Through their tireless work and dedication, I’ve never been more inspired to push the limit of what it means to be the greatest fake doctor and collaborative artist in web3.”

The good doctor’s journey to NFTs started with crypto fundamentals, the idea of “banking the un-banked and all the underlying values behind that; immutability, transparency, censorship resistance, decentralization, global distribution safe from tyranny, etc.” His mission was written in the stars: “When I learned that I can combine all of those crypto values I hold dear with the power of art… It’s time to art the un-art’d.”

Dr. $uss creates his own artworks, which range from photography, to fake fine art and memes, as well as using various AI tools. “Not only am I the fake doc for web3, but I’m the world’s foremost (ranked #1.69) collaborative artist. I’m definitely not the most talented in the world, but I get to collaborate and create with THE most talented in the world.”

“Chances are high that I have profound respect for you if you have a Pepe, Ham, or Dense piece of art in your portfolio,” he explains. “The Frog, Ham and The Cube transcend just the visual forms they take. They are symbols of values systems and culture – memes, if you will – that represent far more than I can explain right now. But at the end of the day, it’s all pretty fake.”

For Dr. $uss, their relationship with collectors goes far beyond just selling art. “Truthfully, I don’t call them collectors: they’re my patients, $AINT$, fellow Memelitia Members, Bong Rippers, and more. They’re a fundamental part of these stories. Without them, none of this exists.” In the world of NFT art, Dr. $uss feels strongly about protecting and defending the values and culture of web3. Whether fighting against centralized systems, raising funds for legal battles or other charities, he’s dedicated to ensuring that the space continues to grow and thrive for future generations of artists.

“We love this space for all the good vibes and frens we’ve made. We need to cherish them and defend them.”

Dr. $uss is a fake metacal director of gm Regional Hospital, with its research facility located in Denstantinople, which is a smowl, but very dense area right outside of Kekistan. It specializes in treating web3 ailments such as $ussitis, Post Traumatic Mint Disorder, FUDitis, and much more. Some of his studies include $AINT$, ‘Feels GM Man,’ KEK WIN$, and Right-Click-$usscribe.

Dr. $uss