“The idea of being able to bring people together in communities that can form lifelong friendships is vital.”

A collector with a keen eye for fantastic art, Lux Ether was born and raised in the Midlands of Great Britain. Outside of digital art, he is a serial entrepreneur. “I run a couple of businesses that are quite traditional businesses, a firm of management consultants, and a firm of headhunters, mainly working in retail,” he explains.

His jump into the world of NFTs isn’t that unexpected, though. Lux Ether entered the NFT space in August 2021 and hasn’t looked back. “You end up evolving into collecting art on various platforms, and that’s the kind of journey,” he shares.

After deeming the flipping process of PFPs and digital art as ‘unfulfilling,’ he began transitioning to a collector mentality rather than a profit-driven buyer. “I buy stuff that I like,” he explains. “And that’s as far as it goes. I’m helped along that journey by a number of different clubs, Discords, and people I’m involved with.”

Being an active community member and purchasing NFTs, Lux Ether started receiving invites to NFT events in various capital cities worldwide. His first taste was in New York City. “I ended up just going to all these different events, meeting artists, people, founders,” he says. “It was really inspiring stuff. So, when NFT London came around, I put on a side event for it in London, which was a bunch of artists that I knew and had collected from, and collectors who had collected from those artists. We stood around chatting about NFTs, art, and culture for four or five hours. I think those real-life interactions are really important.”

He has been assisted, guided, and helped by Noble Cards, MoneyClicc/OG – Crookedwest, Avril15, JAK, and ADAD, among others, on his NFT journey.

The acceptance and helpfulness of bringing like-minded creatives into one room spur cooperation, collaboration, and creativity. One such meet-up was the seed for Lux Ether to begin acting as an advisor to the Cool Dudes Club project, an organization striving to create and nurture artists on the web3 platform.

“The idea of being able to bring people together in communities that can form lifelong friendships is vital.” We couldn’t agree more, Lux Ether!