“Patience is the key.”

Amin, better known in the NFT world as “spellamin” or “spell,” is a self-taught graphic designer from India currently living in Abu Dhabi (in the UAE). Amin was inspired by his father’s early paintings and decided to pursue his passion for art by becoming a graphic designer. He shares his inspiration to join the NFT space: “I jumped into NFTs after the news of ‘Beeple.’ All those years creating art for self-satisfaction, I thought moving into NFTs, I could slowly turn myself into an independent artist. I minted my first NFT on 30th July 2021 and have sold over 150 NFTs so far. I am still working and pushing hard to deliver better artwork each time.”

He describes his creative process: “You have to give time and dedication to each artwork you put on your platform. Also, you must keep engaging with the community and make a strong bond between people. It is a life journey. Give it your full heart and do what you love. Don’t follow negativity. Wake up every day to keep it better. Patience is the key.”

As an NFT artist, he recognizes the responsibilities that come with his role. He invests in himself and the community, focusing on his journey and success – and that’s why he encourages other artists to be transparent and to invest 100% in themselves to add value to the world. He also strongly believes in the power of NFT art: “Every NFT comes with lots of emotions. You can see the creator’s feelings, emotions, and story in each NFT, and that’s what makes NFTs so special.”

“The world is changing rapidly, and things change rapidly,” Amin says. “The people here are very helpful to each other. I am very happy that I could connect with many amazing artists from different parts of the world.”

Amin’s journey as an NFT artist is one of passion, dedication, and growth. He is a proud member of the web3 space and is excited about the future opportunities it will bring. His love for NFT art and his belief in the power of emotions and stories make him a valuable member of the NFT community.