Sekure D


“I think mass consumer onboarding is not too far away with brands championing the next bull run.”

Sekure D has collaborated with some of the biggest brands in the world: Nike, Jordan, Puma, Adidas, and Lego. This is his time to shine even brighter!

As an artist for 18 years, Sekure D expertly balanced his finance studies with his creative pursuits at university. Initially making money doing graffiti, he started customizing sneakers in 2004. Within six months, he was already crafting shoes for world-renowned rappers.

First experimenting with crypto in 2017, Sekure D’s first entered the NFT space in 2021, buying into the Deadfellaz community. The first NFT he sold was courtesy of a collaboration with Justin Maller and Shaquille O’Neal. Drawing inspiration from one of Maller’s artworks, Sekure D painted the design on a pair of size 24 Shaq Attaq sneakers.

Fast gaining traction on the blockchain, he soon found himself making sneakers for Deadfellaz, Crypto Goons, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Clone X.

Currently working on his own collection, Sekure D is hesitant to spoil the surprise: “I don’t want to give too much away, but I can say that my collection will revolve around a character I have used since 2003: RoboGhosts. These little guys, which essentially demonstrate my love for pop culture, will be the stars of a community-driven PFP project.”

What skills sets Sekure D apart from the competition? Working for Nike for almost a decade and Puma for four years has instilled a solid corporate understanding in him. Coupled with his astounding artistic abilities, it provides him with an unmatched understanding of an artist’s requirements.

Sekure D is excited about the future of the NFT space. He shares his predictions: “I think mass consumer onboarding is not too far away with brands championing the next bull run. The integration of gaming into the NFT space will be another undeniable force in the future, even though there is currently still some ambiguity around it. Music will be there as well, right next to gaming, taking up well-deserved space on the blockchain.”

We can’t wait to see Sekure D’s upcoming collection and the next steps of this fantastic artist’s creativity!

Sekure D