Etiene Crauss


“I feel that most artists are trying to help each other grow and that there is a sense of camaraderie among them.

“I’m from a small town in the interior of Brazil and felt like a recluse,” digital artist Etiene Crauss says. “I knew there was a world to explore out there, all the people from my social circle hadn’t had any direct contact with art, so I felt isolated from the rest. I tried to put those feelings in my early work, feeling trapped in a box and trying to break free from it.”

He’s been a professional graphic designer working in the creative industry for over 6 years, and he jumped into art full-time in 2020. Etiene’s art is renowned for its unique style that combines art and design to create visually stunning pieces. Francis Bacon, Miró, and Picasso influenced and inspired his style. He explains that their bold and expressive styles have always resonated with him and significantly impacted his work.

Etiene first taste of NFTs came in mid-2020 when he saw Fewocious sharing the sale of one of his first NFTs. He was immediately intrigued by the idea of selling digital art in the traditional art world and reached out to Fewocious for guidance. He’s never looked back since.

Etiene loves the NFT space because it eliminates the need for middlemen to sell art, allowing artists to be their own galleries. He believes this is a massive step for artists and will significantly benefit them in the long run.

When asked about the future of the NFT space, Etiene predicts that there will be even more opportunities for digital artists over the next five years. “There’s still a stigma around the NFT space, and I feel like when we break free from that, things will get huge,” he shares. “I think respectful museums and galleries from all over the world will start exhibiting digital artists.”

From his experience as an NFT artist, Etiene has learned that artists also need to pay attention to the business side of things. He believes that artists need to market themselves effectively, which can be overwhelming for most of them.

Etiene expresses his love for the community in the NFT space: “I feel that most artists are trying to help each other grow and that there is a sense of camaraderie among them. However, I also feel that there is a need for more representation for emerging artists.”

Etiene Crauss