“I think I’ve loved the experience of connecting with artists and building with the SHILLR team more than anything else.”

Rugema studied Biomedical Sciences but knew that it wasn’t their passion. Instead, their passion lay in music and creativity.

“I’m less of an instrumentalist and more of a writer and songwriter, I’d say,” shares Rugema. “But I was doing a bit of bass guitar and a little bit of piano.” They dove into music production and songwriting and gained notoriety: “I would probably say my biggest achievement was having a song synced on a Netflix series, Top Boy.” Bear that in mind.

Other avenues of Rugema’s creativity are photography, cinema, technology, and science. Where could a creative blend those passions into one? The blockchain, of course.

“I used to love speaking to people, learning more about how technology can advance humanity and make the world a better place,” Rugema explains.

“So all the signs went towards crypto, but more specifically NFTs because that combines that tech and the artistic side.”

Rugema’s genesis mint was a rap-based NFT in February 2021. Growing an audience and building a community were stepping stones and key lessons for this entrepreneur. A gap in the market was spied… Enter SHILLR.

“I understood the struggle of a specific individual artist and how difficult it was to get your work out. I wanted to create a marketing or consulting agency to put together all the experiences of an artist or collector in the space from a crypto-native perspective to see how we can help projects launch as best as possible.”

Rugema is a co-founder of SHILLR and is the operations lead. This organization employs a collaborative and organic approach to develop web3 marketing and community strategies. SHILLR runs comprehensive social media and marketing campaigns to increase public awareness of artists’ projects or brands and encourage community engagement. It is top-tier work!

Rugema is extremely passionate about this project and says: “I think I’ve loved the experience of connecting with artists and building with the SHILLR team more than anything else because that’s what keeps me here, regardless of how the market’s doing to log in every day with Discord and build with these amazing smart, talented, and compassionate people.”

Keep an eye out for more of Rugema’s work that will be dropped soon!