“I’m pretty invested in this space now, and I’m enjoying every minute of it.”

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Ozbren is a 24-year-old artist residing in Thailand. Having studied English Literature at university, becoming a digital artist wasn’t in the pipeline. However, it’s been a passion since an early age.

“I’ve been messing around with digital art since I was around 13 years old. My friend and I used to go into the computer rooms on our lunch breaks and nerd out on Photoshop and basically just take photos of ourselves and duplicate our eyeballs and make hideous creatures of ourselves,” he remembers. From those early days, his talent and voracious appetite for creating has launched him into the NFT realm of popularity.

Within each art piece you can see inspiration from his teenage years as he creatively freestyles unique characters and objects. Just take a look at his works, ‘Nitrous Oxide,’ ‘Backseat Antics,’ and ‘Groceries.’ Artworks such as ‘Daylight Dealer’ and ‘Cold December Mornings’ showcase Ozbren’s British upbringing intertwined with his style and vision. His work takes 3d art to extraordinary limits.

With no one guiding him through the process, Ozbren decided to take matters into his own hands. “Yeah, I’m a hundred percent self-taught.” YouTube videos became his seminars, and practicing turned into lessons. After experiencing little luck, he began creating album covers for UK’s rave culture figures in Drum n Bass producers, labeling himself a graphic designer. But then, something changed.

“I had this big switch in mentality,” he shares. “I stopped calling myself a graphic designer. Forget the text. Forget the typography. Just make something that looks cool, and you can call it art instead of design. So, I made this switch to the 3d style that I’m known for now.”

Having only begun posting art in February 2022, Ozbren has accumulated a broad following and nearly 25,000 Twitter followers. His transition into the NFT community felt seamless: “I’m always communicating and interacting with people. It feels a lot more genuine, whereas Instagram never felt like that,” he states.

Finding it easy to relate and converse with others in the NFT community, it’s as if he’s found a second home. “With the community I’ve built, I feel very at home around it… I’m heavily invested in this space now, and I’m enjoying every minute of it.”