Bernardo Cafe


“NFTs will continue to be a very big thing regardless of whether the next big wave is something completely different.”

Bernardo Café is an NFT art collector as well as the co-founder of SHILLR. Before entering the NFT or crypto space, Bernardo studied maths, economics, and statistics and worked as a data analyst. His natural aptitude for spreadsheets and graphs would become a significant asset on the blockchain.

In 2013, Bernardo’s older brother introduced him to Bitcoin. In 2017, Bernardo dipped his toe into Ethereum. That’s when the blockchain and web3 changed for Bernardo.

Bernardo discovered NFTs in 2021 while scrolling through Reddit, leading him to get his first NFT. “My NFT journey actually started on the WAX blockchain, surprisingly enough, because they were doing a promotion with ‘Street Fighter.’ They were dropping ‘Street Fighter’ cards and giving out free ‘Street Fighter’ promo cards to anyone who created a WAX wallet,” says Bernardo.

After much collecting and trading, Bernardo realized he didn’t want to trade all the assets he had been collecting. He shares: “I wanted to keep holding on to some because I either liked the artist or the project that put it out. I thought that they were more of a long-term thing, and something in me didn’t want to trade them. I wanted to be more of a collector.”

The business mind kicked into overdrive… Welcome to SHILLR. Bernardo co-founded SHILLR with a unique philosophy: to effectively create a web3 marketing and community strategy, SHILLR adopts a collaborative and organic method. To increase public knowledge of an artist’s project or brand and encourage community participation, their team will also run extensive social media and marketing campaigns. Their elaborate growth process makes sure that the initiatives, artists, and platforms with which they work have surpassed their standards for producing a top-tier product or brand. SHILLR supports Discord and hosts Twitter Spaces with project creators to ensure steady community growth.

One of Bernardo’s personal milestones at SHILLR has been community building. He focused largely on community building. “I taught myself how to build out a full Discord server and integrate every single bot that you would ever need, like security and games,” Bernardo says. This is very impressive for someone who never had experience with Discord before NFTs.

That’s not all: it is one of the leading NFT marketing companies on the blockchain. And, Bernardo’s gone full degen.

Bernardo Cafe